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In the mid-90s, Tupac Shakur and I were close friends. We had an inside joke about labels and their deals that has lasted my whole career. I called it “asshole tax.” Every time a label treated me or the artist like we were stupid or they acted like asses, I taxed them $25,000 to $50,000 (for each offense). When I negotiated the Cash Money deal with Universal, within one week I doubled the advance requested from $1 million to $2 million in “asshole tax” at $50,000 an offense.

This is my own, personal, favorite quote from my book “How To Get A Record Deal.”  You can read a free chapter about 360 Deals at www.TheKnowledgeToSucceed.com  (Wendy Day)

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  • So, how do you find Wendy Day?

  • Email:: ThisIsWendyDay@gmail.com

  • Google+:: http://gplus.to/WendyDay

  • Twitter:: @RapCoalition

  • Facebook:: www.Facebook.com/ThisIsWendyDay

  • Photos:: http://flickr.com/photos/WendyDay

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear." —Robert Allen

"Who I am is who I want to be." —Reba

Those of you who’ve emailed me recognize these quotes from my signature.  They’ve stayed with me for over a decade, and symbolize the core of what I believe.  I’m a positive person who tries to do what’s right.  Because of that, I’m a happy person with few enemies…

In the music industry, you don’t get what’s fair, you get what you negotiate.

Wendy Day, Founder/CEO Rap Coalition

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