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In the mid-90s, Tupac Shakur and I were close friends. We had an inside joke about labels and their deals that has lasted my whole career. I called it “asshole tax.” Every time a label treated me or the artist like we were stupid or they acted like asses, I taxed them $25,000 to $50,000 (for each offense). When I negotiated the Cash Money deal with Universal, within one week I doubled the advance requested from $1 million to $2 million in “asshole tax” at $50,000 an offense.

This is my own, personal, favorite quote from my book “How To Get A Record Deal.”  You can read a free chapter about 360 Deals at www.TheKnowledgeToSucceed.com  (Wendy Day)

Wendy & Drumma Boy Wendy & Mannie Fresh Wendy & David Banner

For two decades, Wendy has been writing articles for magazines and websites.  This Blog is the archive of most of those articles, plus ones she has written on her own.

Wendy Day has written extensively about the urban music industry via numerous monthly columns in underground and mainstream rap publications.  She has contributed to the following publications and websites: The Source, RapPages, VIBE, Blaze, Down Low, the RAPCOINTELPRO column in Murder Dog, Tech.Nically Speaking in Tech.Nitions Magazine, The Connection, 4080, Caught In The Middle, The Fever, Beat Down, Props, Flavor, The Bomb, Ego Trip, Straight From The Lip, The Final Call, One Nut, Ignition, Insomniac, Rap Sheet, Word Up, BRE, rapstation.com, manhunt.com, 88hiphop.com, hiphopnow.com, mp3.com, daveyd.com, volume.com, etc. 

Wendy has most recently written two popular monthly columns: one in Ozone Magazine (“Mathematics”) for over 9 years, and one at AllHipHop.com (“The Day Report”) for close to 3 years.  She has a “how to” book series beginning in 2011 that is 100% self-published called “The Knowledge To Succeed,” and she is mentioned extensively in Upski’s “Bomb The Suburbs,” and Dan Charnas’ “The Big PayBack.”  She’s hard at work on her next (non-music) book, “Kicking In The Door,” focusing on success for urban youth.

Contact Wendy Day

  • So, how do you find Wendy Day?

  • Email:: ThisIsWendyDay@gmail.com

  • Google+:: http://gplus.to/WendyDay

  • Twitter:: @RapCoalition

  • Facebook:: www.Facebook.com/ThisIsWendyDay

  • Photos:: http://flickr.com/photos/WendyDay

Wendy Day founded the not-for-profit Rap Coalition in March of 1992, out of disgust for the way urban artists are unfairly exploited in the music industry. Wanting to shift the balance of power to favor the artists, Wendy dumped her life savings (selling her condo, her stocks and bonds, and her BMW) into starting the advocacy organization to support, educate, protect, and unify hip hop artists and producers—in other words, to keep artists from getting jerked.  She began listening to rap music as a fan in the early 1980s, and turned her passion for rap music into a career in the music business.

Since 1992, Rap Coalition has impacted the urban music industry by helping, for free, thousands of artists, DJs, and producers individually, as well as through monthly panel discussions, seminars, demo listening sessions, cipher sessions, showcases, and fair deal negotiations. Today, Rap Coalition breaks unfairly oppressive contracts (pulling artists out of bad deals with record labels, production companies, and managers), and teaches the business side of the music industry to thousands of artists and industry hopefuls from around the country; in the past Rap Coalition has also offered health care and dental benefits, coordinated the panels at many of the major urban music conventions, and has instituted a mentor program combining up and coming artists with established artists.

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear." —Robert Allen

"Who I am is who I want to be." —Reba

Those of you who’ve emailed me recognize these quotes from my signature.  They’ve stayed with me for over a decade, and symbolize the core of what I believe.  I’m a positive person who tries to do what’s right.  Because of that, I’m a happy person with few enemies…

In the music industry, you don’t get what’s fair, you get what you negotiate.

Wendy Day, Founder/CEO Rap Coalition

In the mid-90s, after a few years of pulling artists out of bad deals, Wendy started a for-profit company to help get artists into GOOD deals. She started PowerMoves, LLC and that is what feeds the nor-for-profit, Rap Coalition.

PowerMoves negotiates ownership deals for artists who have leverage, to enable them to have control over their careers, and to reap the lion’s share of the money from their deal. “The goal has always been to empower the artists so they receive what’s fair from their careers,” Wendy reminds us. And oh what deals she has done! Master P’s No Limit, Twista, Eminem, David Banner, Fiend, and the infamous $30 million Cash Money deal with Universal that introduced the world to Lil Wayne, BG, Juvenile, The Hot Boys, Big Tymers, and super producer Mannie Fresh. PowerMoves is responsible for many successful careers and hundreds of millions of CDs and downloads sold.

PowerMoves also sets up, structures, and organizes independent record labels for people who have the proper funding. “Rather than feeding you, we teach you how to fish. We show you how to set up your label, run it efficiently with the right people in place, and then we help you put out your first release, holding your hand the whole way.

structure + organization = increased sales

Wendy Day Blog. My Ramblings. (IndustryReport.com)

This is my personal blog where I get to ramble, and spew opinions and stuff.

After 20 years in the music business, you’d think I’d either run out of stuff to say, or just plain get tired of saying stuff. But no…. here’s where you go to read my personal musings about life and everything Wendy Day. WARNING: Not for the feint at heart…



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