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In 2008, Wendy Day started an incubator system for folks who wanted to start their own record labels but who didn’t have the ideal funding in place to do so.  As the recession hit in 2008, it affected the music business as harshly as other industries, if not more so.

IndeLabelBuilder is for the folks who have the entrepreneurial spirit and enough of a budget to make a go of it, but need a coaching and nurturing environment to teach them and help them succeed.

Reasons To Be Part of An Indie Label Incubator:

1. Maximize the money you spend to market and promote CDs, without wasting money or giving it to unscrupulous people who can’t or won’t get the job done

2. To ensure success for your company and artists by tapping into the success and track records of experienced professionals

3. Join a nurturing environment surrounded by like-minded people building success through unity, knowledge, and hands-on experience

4. Tighten the learning curve so you don’t have to learn by failing or through trial and error. Tap into more than 15 years experience of success in the music industry

5. Be part of something bigger and more reliable while developing your artists and projects

6. Be as successful as possible in a difficult industry, economy, and environment

7. Learn hands on, how to do it correctly and successfully

Wendy Day has been building and consulting successful independent record labels since 1992. While all of them have made money selling music, many have gone on to become the most successful labels in the music industry. Wendy has also played a role in the careers of some of the most successful artists: Eminem, Twista, David Banner, BG, Juvenile, Lil Wayne, Master P, Mia X, C-Murder, Fiend, Do Or Die, Webbie, BloodRaw, Cash Money Records, No Limit Records, Creator’s Way Associated Labels (Twista, Do Or Die), Twista’s Legit Ballin’ Records, Young Jeezy’s CTE Records, TMI Boyz’ TMI Muzic, WonderBoy Records, etc.

Changes in the economy of the music business have changed the way we do business today. It costs just as much to properly market and promote a record, but budgets and sales have declined. Also, a hostile contractual environment for artists at major labels (the invention of the ridiculous “360 Deal”) has made selling music independently more attractive and easier than ever!! With the sharks that exist within the music business, it is important to have someone legitimate, with a proven track record of success, to help you navigate the treacherous waters. Wendy Day and her team are those folks who can help you succeed in this industry!

Indie Label Builder doesn’t feed you, we teach you how to fish so you can feed yourselves!

Slaves, No More, Dot Com

Coming in the next few months is an educational website to teach artists “how to succeed” in the music business.  It will contain information on:

  • How To Get A Deal
  • Putting Together A Strong Team
  • Structuring Your Company
  • Reaching Fans
  • Marketing
  • Promotions
  • How To Get Radio Spins (the truth)
  • Measuring Success with BDS, SoundScan, Etc
  • Securing Distribution
  • Streams Of Income
  • Reaching Fans
  • Timing
  • Publishing
  • SongWriting
  • Selling Your Beats & Production
  • Touring
  • Securing Sponsorships & Endorsement Deals
  • TV/Film/Game Placements
  • And Much, Much More…

From 1996 through 2010, we offered a VERY popular FREE website called RAPCOINTELPRO.  It became outdated as the music industry changed, and it was a very costly website to maintain and keep updated…did I mention it was free?

We are replacing it with a more structured and organized site to educate artists on all aspects of the music business ESPECIALLY turning your music into money while you keep your own ownership of your artform.


Written by an industry insider (Wendy Day) who has ACTUALLY shopped, found, and negotiated record deals for artists, this book explains the inner workings of a hard to penetrate industry: the music business.  Written recently, it takes into consideration the vast changes occurring in the music industry today, and is a basic how-to for any artist or support team person propelling an artist’s career forward who wants to know more about the urban music industry AND how to secure a record deal in 2011!  Wendy Day is a twenty year veteran of the music industry and has worked with Eminem, Cash Money, No Limit, Twista, David Banner, Young Buck, Ras Kass, TMI Boyz, BloodRaw, Cormega, Slick Rick, and many, many others.

Quotes from inside the book:

While most artists are still begging the major labels for record deals, the smarter artists have realized that working their own project to build a buzz and sell their own music is the ticket to success. The best start is to make good music that has a competitive sound.”

"Greed has taken over the industry and artists’ mindsets (most, not all), and drives the current urban music industry. The barrier for entry has been lowered and allows anyone with access and a business card a way in to make his or her share of the pie-usually without delivering what was promised. This industry is very shady and the majority of people can not, or do not, deliver what they promise."

I have learned to NEVER believe anything a label tells me verbally. If it’s not in the contract, they aren’t obligated to do it.”

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