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Slaves, No More, Dot Com

Coming in the next few months is an educational website to teach artists “how to succeed” in the music business.  It will contain information on:

  • How To Get A Deal
  • Putting Together A Strong Team
  • Structuring Your Company
  • Reaching Fans
  • Marketing
  • Promotions
  • How To Get Radio Spins (the truth)
  • Measuring Success with BDS, SoundScan, Etc
  • Securing Distribution
  • Streams Of Income
  • Reaching Fans
  • Timing
  • Publishing
  • SongWriting
  • Selling Your Beats & Production
  • Touring
  • Securing Sponsorships & Endorsement Deals
  • TV/Film/Game Placements
  • And Much, Much More…

From 1996 through 2010, we offered a VERY popular FREE website called RAPCOINTELPRO.  It became outdated as the music industry changed, and it was a very costly website to maintain and keep updated…did I mention it was free?

We are replacing it with a more structured and organized site to educate artists on all aspects of the music business ESPECIALLY turning your music into money while you keep your own ownership of your artform.


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