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Written by an industry insider (Wendy Day) who has ACTUALLY shopped, found, and negotiated record deals for artists, this book explains the inner workings of a hard to penetrate industry: the music business.  Written recently, it takes into consideration the vast changes occurring in the music industry today, and is a basic how-to for any artist or support team person propelling an artist’s career forward who wants to know more about the urban music industry AND how to secure a record deal in 2011!  Wendy Day is a twenty year veteran of the music industry and has worked with Eminem, Cash Money, No Limit, Twista, David Banner, Young Buck, Ras Kass, TMI Boyz, BloodRaw, Cormega, Slick Rick, and many, many others.

Quotes from inside the book:

While most artists are still begging the major labels for record deals, the smarter artists have realized that working their own project to build a buzz and sell their own music is the ticket to success. The best start is to make good music that has a competitive sound.”

"Greed has taken over the industry and artists’ mindsets (most, not all), and drives the current urban music industry. The barrier for entry has been lowered and allows anyone with access and a business card a way in to make his or her share of the pie-usually without delivering what was promised. This industry is very shady and the majority of people can not, or do not, deliver what they promise."

I have learned to NEVER believe anything a label tells me verbally. If it’s not in the contract, they aren’t obligated to do it.”


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