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In the mid-90s, after a few years of pulling artists out of bad deals, Wendy started a for-profit company to help get artists into GOOD deals. She started PowerMoves, LLC and that is what feeds the nor-for-profit, Rap Coalition.

PowerMoves negotiates ownership deals for artists who have leverage, to enable them to have control over their careers, and to reap the lion’s share of the money from their deal. “The goal has always been to empower the artists so they receive what’s fair from their careers,” Wendy reminds us. And oh what deals she has done! Master P’s No Limit, Twista, Eminem, David Banner, Fiend, and the infamous $30 million Cash Money deal with Universal that introduced the world to Lil Wayne, BG, Juvenile, The Hot Boys, Big Tymers, and super producer Mannie Fresh. PowerMoves is responsible for many successful careers and hundreds of millions of CDs and downloads sold.

PowerMoves also sets up, structures, and organizes independent record labels for people who have the proper funding. “Rather than feeding you, we teach you how to fish. We show you how to set up your label, run it efficiently with the right people in place, and then we help you put out your first release, holding your hand the whole way.

structure + organization = increased sales


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